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About me

Hey there, Glad you're here...

Music has been my world for over 25 years, but it hasn't been without its challenges. Battling depression and anxiety stemming from childhood trauma made stepping onto the stage a daunting task. But through introspection and perseverance, I found a way to manage it and achieve some pretty cool things – from touring globally to working alongside icons like Elton John and the late great, Tony Bennett.

My journey started with The Swingles, where I spent five years as their first soprano. After that I wanted to explore acting, I embarked on a two-year part-time course, which led to collaborations with orchestras like The Royal Philharmonic and the BBC Concert Orchestra.

In 2018, I had the pleasure of collaborating with composer Denis King on "Love is in the Room," followed by the fun launch concert and release of our album at The Hippodrome in Leicester Square.

Now, onto something close to my heart – Coaching other musicians - You can read about this here. I have doubled my income and so enjoy helping other musicians become all they want to be using my 'FITT framework' for more Freedom, Income, Time and Travel in their careers! 

Life's been eventful – two marriages, two divorces (!) Inheriting two wonderful step kids – but amidst it all, I keep moving forward, fuelled by music, human connection and a love of spiritual growth. 

The latest musical project is a four part harmony group called The Jazz Vocal Collective in collaboration with Big Band! You can watch us here and sign up here to know when we're playing near you! 

Let's catch up soon, maybe even at a gig :-) 

With Love

Sarah. X 

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