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Orchestral album "WEE SMALL HOURS"
with Chris Dean/Trombone

During the pandemic, it was obviously a time to reflect for many of us.

I had a call from Chris Dean, Musical Director of The Syd Lawrence Orchestra. Our regular theatre tour had been cancelled, there were no film sessions and he and I were doing nothing with music.

I can honestly say it was the most odd experience to not perform for over 2 years. Time to reflect and think about my career and wonder what it is I really loved to do. 

I started a business helping other musicians and I was also thrilled to work with Chris on an orchestral album 

Chris said he had some tracks with full orchestra and would I like to do a project with him ??? Er....YES!!! 

I was so thrilled and it was a great distraction from everything going on at home. Music has always been a source of solace when my life has taken downward turns. So to have a project on this scale to work with, was truly heaven sent. 

I am so lucky to work with this trombone legend and all round nice guy who 

So the tracks were from a recording he was on at CTS studios that originally was at Wembley. Chris acquired the tracks and has full ownership of them so there was no problem using them in this way.

All orchestral arrangements are by the great Robert Farnon who arranged for Frank Sinatra and many others. 

This album was written for the soprano Eileen Farrell. We have been able to utilise the tracks without her vocals and we have created a duet album featuring Chris on trombone and myself on vocals. 

We are so excited to release this album. Date to be announced soon. There are some incredible performances from Chris. 

It is an easy listening, relaxing album to listen to while having dinner or sitting in the garden on a summers eve. 

If you are a lover of great music and want to support us in our release then you can pre order below. This will automatically put you on an email list where I will be sharing news, audio clips and updates as we go through the release process. 

We love it and know you will too! 




For more information about the band and Denis King composer (Black Beauty, Lovejoy) Click here

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