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A Nightingale Sang....It made the cut!

So, we decided to go with this song for the album. Work has begun. Chris and I spent a day last week talking through the routine and how it could work between us. We've ended up settling on some singing of the lyrics by me, followed by some dove tailing between us - dove tailing ?! What's that I hear you cry! Well, it's when two musicians are part of one piece and one takes over from the other with a slight overlap. So for example, Chris will be playing his trombone at one point, and towards the end of his section I will hum along and lead into my section so 'dovetailing' from his music to mine. I spent many a year 'dove tailing' while in The Swingles. it was one of the many disciplines I learnt as a young singer. Learning how to blend in to the overall sound with other people and not stick out with your line so making the overall arrangement sound kind of 'clunky'.

Chris is a master of this having played in every type of musical genre - classical, pop and jazz. He knows exactly when to blend in and when to stand out. All part of the musicianship needed for us as musicians. I have this regularly when singing on film soundtracks. The seamless vocal sound you hear behind a tender romantic scene or a very sad scene is often using a dove tailing technique between singers so you never hear a break in the sound.

But back to us and the album! Before Chris arrived I was playing with some ideas for this track and wanted some 'trombone' sections to see how it would fit so I begun singing in the style of a trombone. Chris found it HILARIOUS. I have no idea what he was laughing about. I have been paid a lot of money for playing my mouth trumpet on Shaun The sheep! (true story). Ok, it was for comedic effect, but that's not the point here.

You'll be pleased to know, Chris will be playing his usual sublime tones and and what between us we call 'noodling' where he picks out notes within the chords to show off his prowess on the trombone. It's a treat to hear when I'm recording him here and I know you will enjoy it when the album is released.

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