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Back in the studio with Chris Dean...

Tomorrow is a fine day indeed. I will be opening my doors to Chris Dean again for us to continue work on our album 'Wee Small Hours'. It has been a tough year as many of you will know for Chris and Debbee, losing dear Hazel, plus opening up the world of touring with the band and Chris as busy as ever with his appointment at Imperial College London as their Musical Director for the Big Band. Not to mention lots and lots of gigs for Chris all over the UK!

I have also been busy in Dubai singing at the 2020 expo - It was blisteringly hot and singing in full concert make up in 38 degrees was no mean feat! That said, it was a wonderful trip and I met some really great people. They enjoyed our performance so much we have been invited back end of January/Early February. Hurray!

I also wrote and performed a one woman show 'Female Legends of Jazz' at the RAC club in Epsom (5 mins away from my house!) last Friday, which was so enjoyable. Lots of people who seemed to enjoy themselves after their black tie dinner and we also might have gathered a few more fans over to Syd Lawrence Orchestra once I told them who I worked with! Best bit was I was home with a hot chocolate at 1130pm!!

So, tomorrow we will regroup and look at how far we have come. It has always been such a luxury to spend this time with Chris making it just right. He has such great attention to detail as do I, so it's a really joy. And as you can see from the photo, we have no fun at all.

Keeping you posted as ever with our progress and will attempt to film some footage tomorrow too to share.

Sarah X x

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