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Making music

There is nothing like two musicians in a space, making music. Today, Chris Dean, who runs the Syd Lawrence Orchestra, came to my home studio - we have both been tested recently so know it's safe. We continued work on our album which we can't do remotely - it's due for release this summer. It's a collection of uplifting beautiful songs with orchestra. I can't wait for you to hear it!

He is at the top of his game with trombone chops to die for. He says he's a 'bit rusty' and hasn't played for a while with lockdown etc and then pops out some beautiful notes with such ease! And jazz playing that flows like he's born with those notes inside him. I guess they are :-)

I also love that he is such a strong producer. His ear just knows how something should sound. He has guided me with the vocals on this very carefully and I have enjoyed having him as a mentor. Learning such a lot each time we get together.

Whatever stresses we feel as musicians not working, these sessions are just incredible for me and my mental health. I suffer from anxiety and have done for many years and Chris with his musicality and the laughs, helps me more than he knows.

But enough of the gushing - this album is very close to my heart and I am excited to get it out there. We are working on a launch concert which I will also keep you posted about.

You will be the first to know of course as you are subscribed to my website and therefore this blog! If you're reading this on another platform then be sure to sign up at my website to hear the happenings - I'm going to be documenting it as I go. The track we recorded today is a happy song. Just what is needed at the moment. It makes me think of sunshine, summer and an open top car! We really want to cheer people up. Making it is making us happy and we know you will feel the same when you hear it!

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