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Starting a Blog

I never thought I'd write a blog - wasn't really sure the point of them. Or how people would get to see them. And now I have been at home and learning about business and how people get to know about what you're up to, by you posting and being visible! Seems obvious really doesn't it. I am working on a new album this year with Chris Dean who runs the best big band in the land "The Syd Lawrence Orchestra" - It's not a big band album - it's orchestral. Quite, well very excited about it! It has been so brilliant to work on this while we can't tour.

I have missed being surrounded by music as I have been for the past 25 years. It's only now I've realised how much I miss it. And how lucky I have been to be a part of the music industry. Only yesterday I was chatting to a friend who also has had to stop touring because of the pandemic, about how much we get used to the adrenaline of touring, going somewhere new, meeting new people, performing in new places. It's the norm for us. So to be at home - with restrictions - is very very odd.

That said, I have been busy with this album and also have started a FB Community for musicians to learn how to raise their profile online - I am someone who has always been promoting my talented mates somehow. Telling them what they could do with their career. Always been interested in the business side of the industry. So this time has been a blessing for me as I've been forced to stay home and study! I've learnt SO much and I now go LIVE twice a week in my FB group helping to share the information I have learnt in the hope we can all make a success of our expertise rather than waiting around for the world to hire us! I say get out there and find it ourselves. if we don't - then who will ??

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