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The beauty of collaboration

When Chris Dean and I embarked on an album project during lockdown it was a time full of excitement and enthusiasm. Chris had suggested I sing on some tracks he already owned and we create an album. What a generous man! As a singer this kind of suggestion only comes in movies. Here was a world class player offering me an album full of tracks for us to collaborate on. I am SO grateful to him and his support of me and my performances on the album. Not only has it been a gift to have the tracks but he has turned into my producer too. Helping me with phrasing, sound, and ideas that I would not have come up with on my own.

I will be very sad to end the process as we are now two tracks away from finishing all the recordings. Next we will set a release date and then begin the launch process. It takes a lot longer than most people think to get it right. There are licenses and copyright and making sure it is distributed on all platforms. Then begins the marketing campaign and PR to make sure people have heard about it and when it's being released.

The fact that we won't have an ongoing album to create and work on and have a laugh with, is sad and I'll miss it. Both of us have been session musicians for decades and so when working in the studio there is an unspoken flow - we both instinctively know when something sounds right or when something needs to be recorded again. The fact I have a studio at home means we have the luxury of trying things out as we are not paying for the space or an engineer, I have been recording myself and other musicians for over 10 years. But I have to say this has been the most rewarding by far.

What I particularly like about Chris is that he also listen to my thoughts on his performance. Here is the person who's played with just about everyone and is at the top of his game. And that trust in each other makes for a very special album.

I am looking forward to performing with The Syd Lawrence Orchestra next week, grab your tickets here : 25th November at The Anvil Theatre Basingstoke enjoy the noise coming from behind me as I walk out on the stage has always made me feel like some Hollywood star. Nothing better!

The beauty of collaboration is not to be underestimated. I feel like a better singer and performer due to the collaboration with Chris. Although this pandemic has been an utter nightmare for many people, the good thing that's come out of it is our album and the musical connection that has grown between us.

It's called 'Wee Small Hours' and will be released in 2022.

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