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How Sarah can help you

Remote Recording Services From £350

I've worked from home using my recording studio producing educational music books, recording other artists and recording myself remotely for composers.

Clients include Faber music, Silva screen, Scott Walker, Steve Sidwell, Ian Livingstone, Neil Williams, Artemis Media Music & Netflix. 

  • I run pro tools with an Apollo Twin X interface and my favourite Neumann U87 mic

  • I can work with an mp3 backing of your audio and sheet music

  • If don't have sheet music, then happy to work from an audio demo

  • Dry Wavs delivered to dropbox or via we transfer within 48 hours.  


If it's what you're looking for then click below to email me for availability/price. 


"I didn't know anyone could sing that high!"

Pet Shop Boys

Recording Studio
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