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Support for musicians who want more ...

During the pandemic, when we found ourselves confined to our homes, a friend suggested I enrol in a business course by Lisa Johnson, a former TV presenter and lawyer. It was a lifesaver during uncertain times – an opportunity to focus and learn something new.

I took the leap, completed the coursework, and thought to myself, "Every musician needs to know this!" So, I set out to develop my own program, aimed at supporting fellow musicians in navigating their careers.

Now, I'm proud to run an online six month academy, 1:1 bespoke coaching and small digital courses tailored to boost musicians' confidence, foster new perspectives, and impart practical business strategies – all inspired by Lisa Johnson and other mentors I've had the privilege to learn from over the past few years.

My journey, marked by both musical experiences and overcoming personal trauma from childhood, has deeply influenced this program. By merging my life experiences with powerful business strategies, I've crafted a transformational process for anyone willing to dive in.

While I'm not a counsellor, I've spent over two decades collaborating with psychotherapists, counsellors, and even guiding troubled step kids! It's become a passion of mine to uplift others and make them feel extraordinary about themselves.

Drawing from techniques and self-taught processes that have personally helped me, I feel incredibly equipped to support individuals in both their professional and personal journeys, empowering them to become the best version of themselves they aspire to be.



Past clients


Abbie Osman Actress

Client Love

It's personalisation on speed! Your clients don't just get a programme tailored to their needs, they get one tailored to who they are!


David Brooks

Client love

The best bit about this programme is the 'to do list' - it's great for my head!

Tracey Shield.png

Tracey Shield

Client love

Working with Sarah has helped me focus on what I really want as a songwriter and artist. She knows her stuff and its helping me so much.


Jo Marshall

Client Love

Really chuffed to have the basics of a website in place and grateful to have the nudge to sort out, find and file all my media.

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